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About – Loki

Actually to be honest, I figure if you’re here, then you probably know who Loki is already. Even so, if you’d like to brush up on your knowledge of MCU Loki, comic Loki, etc. Check out these links:

Loki (mcu) – Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki
Loki (comics) – wikipedia
Loki (all) – Fanlore.org

About -This Site

God of Mischief is a fansite created first and foremost to celebrate the Marvel Cinematic Universe character Loki, as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. Here you can find an ever-growing list of Loki fanfiction recommendations, meta articles, multimedia and opinion pieces.

We also aim to provide up-to-date Thor 3 news and speculation*.

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The aim of the fanfic archive is to compile and showcase a list of the most recommended reads from within the Loki fandom. Visitors are welcome to recommend their favourite fics, and this can be done through the Fic Rec Guidelines page.

Fanfiction is rated according to FictionRatings.com (ie, the ratings used at FFNET)

Articles such as character studies, family dynamics, scene analysis and canon or fanon-based speculation are also being collected for the site, and writers who are interested in such analysis are welcome to submit their meta articles. Please see the guidelines for further info.

Although this site is dedicated primarily to Loki of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, articles and meta based on the Marvel comics and Norse mythology are also welcome, especially in the context of comparative articles.

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* While we’ll be posting all Thor 3 news that comes this way, speculative articles will, for the most part, be Loki-centric. For general Thor 3 speculation please check out forasgard.org

* This is not a Tom Hiddleston fansite. We respect Tom Hiddleston as an actor but the focus of this site is on the character he plays, not the actor himself.

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