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If you thought All Hail the King would be a Loki one-shot, you were Loki’d.

When the feature list was revealed last week, many of us hoped Marvel’s 13 minute , cunningly titled All Hail the King, would be based on Loki’s new position in Asgard, following the conclusion of Thor: The Dark World.

loki promo poster thor 2

Unfortunately, this is not the case. It was a clever title, yes, but we were well and truly Loki’d.

Good on you Marvel, you got us.

Those who guessed the one-shot would be about Iron Man 3’s ‘Mandarin’, Trevor Slattery, can pat themselves on the back – they were right.

the mandarin im3

Now excuse me, while I crawl off to my corner, grumble and mutter my way through a list of profanities, eat a tub of ice cream and work my way through the grieving process…

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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