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All the Loki Pop Vinyls!

God of Mischief has become affiliates with Mighty Ape, and to commemorate this momentous occasion I’d like everyone to go buy stuff from them so I can earn enough Mighty Ape cred to buy ALL THE THOR AND LOKI POP VINYLS!

No really, I mean it, I bought a Loki Pop Vinyl from Mighty Ape the other day, and had to settle for the Thor 2 Loki bobble-head because they had sold out of the ones I really wanted,1)Helmet Loki, Thor, and Lady Sif.

That’s not to say I don’t love my lil’ bobbly-headed God of Mischief, but look who they have back in stock!

pop-vinyl-loki-helmet pop-vinyl-thor pop-vinyl-lady-sif

*sigh* Typical. :p

Anyway, Mighty Ape‘s range of Marvel memorabilia is admirable, so please check them out through my referral link! And yes, they ship internationally. 😉

Hey I know.. My eldest daughter is celebrating her birthday soon. Maybe she needs these? And maybe she needs me to look after them on her behalf…?

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1. Helmet Loki, Thor, and Lady Sif.