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Another Rant About Thor 2’s Running Time posting an article, Does Marvel Studios Have A Villain Problem?

Interesting article, outlining a problem with and in fact many of Marvel’s movies (with the exception of Thor and The Avengers). Lack of character development for the villain. You’d think they’d know – thanks to the success of Loki – how important it is to have a three-dimensional villain. Yet, despite having filmed character-background for Malekith, they cut it from the movie.

 In fact, Loki is so good in this Thor sequel that it makes Marvel’s villain problem look even worse. That’s because the film’s central villain, Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), is shoved off to the side and completely stripped of his character in order to service the film’s other, more popular characters.

The article blames the cleaving of Malekith’s character development on the other characters, but I think most would agree that character development is necessarily for all key characters in a movie.  They needed to “service the film’s other, more popular characters” because lets face it, it’s the dynamic of Loki and his connections to Thor, Frigga and Odin that has taken this from being ‘another superhero movie’ to something deeper. I would’ve liked to have seen more confrontation between Asgard’s royal family in fact.

The real problem here is that Thor 2 should have had a longer running time. Really, it’s that simple.

Malekith’s backstory didn’t need to be sacrificed – the movie should have been half an hour longer. Why was this not a thing? We are not all bladder-weakened elderly (sorry mum) who can’t sit through a 2 1/2 hour movie without having to slip out for a toilet break. Come on, there are special adult nappies for that.

We simply needed a longer movie. Not just for Malekith’s story, but to better develop Jane and Thor’s relationship and the dynamics of the royal family. A superhero movie can still be a superhero movie without sacrificing world-building and character depth for action sequences.

I know I’m ranting about this yet again. It seems I’ll never let rest the topic of Thor 2’s running time and the butchering of character depth. Maybe someone should stick a muzzle on me.

Or better yet, sign the petition and just get us a Director’s Cut already.  🙂

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  • redrascal1

    Frankly, I just wish they could shoot extra scenes and give us as epic a film as fans and characters deserve!
    Failing that a director’s cut would be fine.

  • redrascal1

    I really hope they won’t turn Loki into some sort of outright ‘bad guy’ again.  What I love about Tom Hiddleston’s performance in Thor 2 is he’s returned Loki to his original role as a trickster rather than a one note villain. I am not really a fan of Kyle and Yost ; although they’ve written some good comics they turned Thor 2 into a slapstick comedy at the end and wasted poor Natalie Portman.
    Which brings me to another question: a character called Lorelei is going to appear in Agents of SHIELD and the rumour is she may end up as Loki’s love interest. I sincerely hope not – I would like him to end up with someone more sympathetic.
    Marvel however will have things their own way as per usual.