Submitting Articles

Submissions are now open for:

  • General editorial-style opinion pieces. (Amusing, thought-provoking, speculative, headcanon-based etc)
  • Character studies
  • Meta on family dynamics.
  • Movie/scene analysis. (Including deleted scenes)
  • Comparative articles – based on supplementary material such as Marvel comics, movie tie-in comics, Norse mythology.

What will not be accepted:

  • Trolls.
  • Material that discusses Tom Hiddleston outside of his involvement with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Fanart within articles – unless it is created by you, or you have the artist’s permission to use it here. And providing it is relevant to the article.

Publishing Guidelines:

Please ensure your article has been proof-read, your sentences are strung together in a coherent manner, and it all has some kind of tangible point. Preferably with a start, middle and end. Or something like that. I mean, I’d actually say excellent grammar and overall writing ability is required but then I wouldn’t be able to post my own articles. (Though to be honest, this is what I’ll be looking out for – I just have a nice set of double-standards that leave me exempt from my own specifications.) Please link to your sources, if applicable.

Submitting your work:

To ensure I receive your submission, it’s best to use the Tumblr Submit form (you don’t need a Tumblr account to do so) as you can then include any formatting such as italics, blockquotes, bullet points, links, images etc. If you need a movie screenshot or gifset to go with your article but can’t get hold of one, let me know. If you’re article is approved, I can take the screenshot/make the gifset for you.

If your article is approved:

You will be notified and a membership will be created for you so that your article can be posted under your name. In order for your member account to be created, you will need to supply your email address, preferred author name (real or pseudonym) and Author Box info. The Author Box will be displayed at the bottom of your article. This info includes a brief summary about you and your website/social media URLS if you wish them to be published in your profile. If you would like a custom icon/avatar to accompany your Author Box, simply head over to gravatar and make a free account. Make sure you use the same email address as the one you supply me with. Then just upload your pic to gravatar and it will automatically display itself here.

Please note that a contributor who has had one article listed here will not necessarily have all their work approved. All fanworks are accepted on a case-by-case basis. The same applies for fanfiction listed here.


Do you pay writers for their articles? No. This is a non-profit fansite, and everything here is created for the love of the fandom, not for financial gain. Is there anything in it for me, if I contribute articles to the site? Of course. Fame and popularity! Okay, maybe that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration… But God of Mischief gets around 250-300 visitors per day, with the most popular article drawing about 40% of those visitors – mainly from google. The visitor count spikes significantly whenever a new Marvel movie comes out – to around 1500 visitors per day. Again predominantly from google, and usually direct to the articles that are picked up via search engine queries. The win here is that if your articles are published here and you have your own website/tumblr page/twitter page etc linked in your author box, those readers who enjoy your article/s may in turn be interested in following your own site. What if I have more questions? Send me a message via Tumblr Ask or use the Contact form. (Eh, if you don’t get a reply via contact form, it might pay to send a tumblr ask (you don’t need a Tumblr account) just to remind me there’s a query in my inbox. I’m terrible with emails – they tend to get lost within the spam-i-verse.

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