• ana arias

    have you considered that Odin knew that loki was the guard? there’s two interpretations of that conversation he had with the guard.
    the guard said we found a body and odin replied “loki”
    it could mean that odin had a feeling that loki WAS the body without the guard having to tell him so or it could mean that odin was saying “loki shut the fuck up i know its you, you sick little shit.” notice the look on odins face when he says loki and notice the little smile on the guards face. this was like witty bantering between villain and hero at the climax of a movie only its done only through eye contact. it was like ehehehe i got caught oh well i guess i’ll have to kill dad now. which shouldn’t be too hard given that he’s already weak and dying and all. so maybe a combination of the two. odin is weak and loki uses that to his advantage to kill him since you know odin is the most powerful being in a ll the universe. and who knows loki better than odin. he raised the damn kid he knows the stunts loki pulls. i dont think he was falling for it for one second.

    • To be honest I didn’t get the impression that Odin knew it was Loki he was talking to. I’ve tried to interpret it that way, but… I’m just not getting the vibe. When Odin said Loki’s name, I only saw the dawning realisation that Loki – as far as he was aware – had died on the battlefield. I think there’d be more inflection in Odin’s voice, had he sussed in that moment that it was Loki standing before him.

      • ana arias

        the right answer is that there is no right answer. its up to your interpretation because that’s what alan taylor and anthony hopkins discussed and brett tucker (the guard).

        alan taylor, the director, says that they wanted anthony hopkins to play it a little bit of both ways. they purposefully made it ambiguous.
        heres what taylor said:

        TAYLOR: I think when we were picking takes, and when I was talking to Anthony, we wanted that to hang, to teeter, and not be decided. There’s a look in his eye that I think is a glimmer of recognition of who he’s talking to. That could very much be read as ‘I am very sad about the loss of my son.’ Because he’s a brilliant actor he can make both sit together.”

        how i see it: at glance yes thats the impression the director WANTS you to have so that you dont see the end coming when loki reveals himself, but when you look back at it after you realize loki is alive you’re supposed to be like “shit! thats what that conversation was about!” if you look at the guard’s little smirk when odin says “loki” thats when you see the subtext of the scene. they both know whats happening and whats about to happen and there was no hiding it. i would pay good money for a marvel one shot film of whatever happened after he gave odin that little smirk.

        odins reaction its not the dawning realization that loki is dead but rather that loki is loose, free of chains and he is powerful enough to kill odin since odin is not at his strongest anymore think of the last time odin and loki spoke in the throne room. loki had chains on him from head to toe and 10 guards behind him. that says something about the threat he poses. in the scene with the guard in the throne room it was just him two other guards and odin..
        its without a doubt the moment that loki made his big move since his cover was already blown. with thor on earth it worked out okay and was the perfect time to kill odin (or atleast hurt him or hide him somewhere) and destroy the evidence with thor being none the wiser. i think odin knew from the moment the guard said “we found a body”. there was something there. the way he looked at him suddenly like he was thinking “no this cant be right, something feels off here”. and when something smells its usually loki..i personally think it makes sense that odin knew. he is supposedly the wisest being in the universe. i’d like to think he knows his own son better than to be fooled by that for longer than 30 seconds.

  • Fate Wolf

    Um, this novel you’ve written? Can I have a link please? 😀

    • Ooh thanks for the reminder! I still have that in my Draft folder… Along with 24 more Loki-related drafts… :/

      But on the bright side (eh, depending on what side you’re looking from) I am about to post a new article speculating Loki’s potential role in Infinity War. 🙂

      • Fate Wolf

        I love your articles, but if your draft folder ever sees the light of day I would screech 😀

        • Thanks! Though I suspect if my draft folder ever saw the light of day, the internet would collapse. :p

  • Jade Lee~

    I love loki yeah

  • SLIM

    WHAT ???

  • SLIM

    Whoa,Holy crap

  • liko2k

    Here is a question to you: how could Thor open Bifröst without Heimdal and his sword in order to return to Earth at the end of the movie? :>

    • Oops, sorry I’ve only managed to reply to this 4 months later… I would say that by this stage, Loki (in his guise of Odin) has released Heimdall and cleared him of treason just as he cleared Thor. Ultimately, Loki needs Heimdall’s vision, as we see in one of the Agents of SHIELD eps where he sends Sif to Earth to bring back Lorelei – presumably using Heimdall’s sight to track her in the first place.

      My burning question in that case, is how does Loki manage to shield his true form from Heimdall? Surely he can’t maintain the Odin illusion ALL the time?

      • Thor

        in the ending scenes when thor refuses the throne he has the REAL gungir in his hand perhaps having the gungir gives him the abilitys to hide his true form from even heimdall

        How the fudge did loki manage to get his hands on the REAL gungir unless odin died and loki took it?

  • Jonathan Roux

    How about,….Odin did not want Thor to fight Mjolnir and Malekith alone so, having no queen, he traded places with Loki to fight with Thor, Thinking when thor returned he would take over the throne and loki would simply win his freedom, this explains Loki’s sudden show of gallantry and how Odin (Loki) knew it was Loki’s body. the twist came when thor did something Odin hadn’t counted on, He Refused the throne!!!!!

  • Chungki Rapsel Bhutia

    in the movie thor, the ending part , loki is not imprisoned. but in the opening scene of thor 2, how come he is shown in chains?

  • Chungki Rapsel Bhutia

    finally watched thor 3…n stayed till the credits scene lasted…satisfied as hell I am.