• Sian

    A few recent articles have mentioned Jane Foster’s replacement by Valkyrie, and Hulk teaming up with Thor – and Loki not being in the movie at all, instead there will be a female villain.

    All of this is probably completely untrue, but if it is, could they give Loki his own movie – and if he’s to have a romantic interest please let it be someone both strong and likeable!

    • Ooh thanks for this comment – it reminds me I haven’t updated this page with the latest spate of speculation in some time!

      Mark Ruffalo has confirmed he will have a part in Thor 3, but as for how big a small a role he has… That’s still unknown.

      I’d love to see Valkyrie, as much as I would love to NOT see Jane Foster and Co this time around. As for a female villain… I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Amora the Enchantress in some capacity – she was a well known character in the Thor comics. While I don’t see her being THE villain, I do wonder if the MCU is setting us up for her appearance in some capacity, given that her sister Lorelei was introduced in an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D last season.

      Unfortunately I doubt Loki will ever get his own movie, but Marvel would sure be mad to not include him at all in Ragnarok. Especially given that the cause of Ragnarok is SURE to be all Loki’s fault…

      • Sian

        I have mixed feelings about Jane Foster. I’m a fan of Portman’s work in Black Swan and V for Vendetta, but her character was written appallingly in Thor 2. I’ve seen her written beautifully by fanfiction authors, and I’d like to see ‘their’ version of her in the movies, To be honest I would not like to see Erik and Darcy again – they have well and truly outstayed their welcome. As for Valkyrie…I really hope her appearance won’t be simply because they want a blonde with a large bosom! I’ve lost a lot of faith with Marvel movies lately on how they are treating their female leads.

        I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

        • I have lost a lot of faith in Marvel & what they will make of Thor 3 – for a few reasons. Potential character appearances and script direction aside, there’s the fact that they’ve hired Taika Waititi as the director of Thor 3. Wtf! First and foremost there are people close to him who claim he hates these sorts of movies, secondly his directing style is so… NOPE. And lastly, I watched him present last night’s New Zealand Music Awards and he’s clearly an absolute twat. Of course, one could say his ability to carry out the job shouldn’t be judged by his personality traits, but… I’ve definitely found myself banking more hopes for Cap 3 than for Thor 3 lately…

          • Sian

            Sadly, me too.

          • Emily Owle

            This was really well written.

            I wanted to add that I agree with all of the above: Yes, to no more Jane Foster and please, for the love of Odin, no more Darcy. I just can’t see how the movies can go any further with her (or her boy-toy, Ian) — The forced jokes that were written In “Thor: The Dark World” to try to wedge humor into a story that is primary set in dark-themed story-telling and action was entirely unbalanced; and not only were the jokes not funny, but cringe-worthy. Aside from a few sardonic comments here and there, it was obvious that Darcy was left with very little to do but either make pouting faces, scream at the bifrost or the birds flying from the payment or whine at Jane like a needy girlfriend.

            I, also, agree that Jane was completely underutilized in the second film. Perhaps, there was something more that could have been done in which she fought along side or assisted Thor with her knowledge of science, but they demoted her to the “Damsel in Distress” trope. She was Princess Peach to Thor’s Mario.

            I really wanted to like Thor 2; and I did for the most part, but it was because the first film and Avengers did a great job of establishing and evolving the characters — Their emotional-side, their strengths, their vulnerability, the call-to-action… It was all fascinating, like a dark fairy tale. I felt that Thor 2 completely missed the mark and shelled out a mediocre, lazily-written, apathetic script that had brief incongruous changes throughout production and the picture suffered overall.

            I hope that the writers will have a more fresh approach to story-telling this time around. I still really love Thor and Loki as characters and really hope the writer(s) do them justice.

          • Barbara Bush

            Hi, after all the things I’ve read online,so far it doesn’t sound hopeful. From what I’ve read about the director, it sounds like it could turn out to be silly. I’m afraid that if they are going to pair Loki up with someone, whether it’s Sigyn, Lorelei or Enchantress, they’re going to cast some young bimbo (sorry, I’m just venting, don’t mean to be mean!) and we’ll be stuck with those images in our minds. Loki is so forceful and mysterious and complex, it’s hard to imagine what his true love interest would be like. It doesn’t sound like the director would take much care and consideration into that. It doesn’t even sound like Loki’s going to be in it much. The other thing I’m afraid of is Loki ending up bound and chained under a venomous snake, with or without Sigyn. I don’t want to see that!