• redrascal1

    I have to admit, I loved the film. But I agree it has faults. These I am sure are down to bad editing. The ‘tragic’ events were glossed over too quickly in favour of the next ‘ comic’ scene in my opinion and yes, I completely agree here about Jane and Darcy. With major apologies to Darcy fans here but there was a bit too much Darcy/ Ian for me – they got annoying after a while, unlike Erik, who was both tragic and hilarious. And I was so very very disappointed in Jane. She’s been written so well in fanfiction I hated seeing
    her reduced to the role of soppy victim observing all the tragedy from afar and mooning over Thor. And they have as much sexual chemistry as a brother and sister!
    The character of Odin however was actually a lot more like his comic book version here than in the first film. As for Loki…..he still seemed a bit unbalanced to me – as shown by the occasional screaming fits. And I always suspected some of his madness due to the tesseract influencing him. The pounding he had from the Hulk probably stopped it. My only problem with Loki in TDW is there wasn’t enough of him.
    Which is why at a recent repeat viewing I paid a visit to the bathroom during the ‘climatic’ battle scene. Not enough Loki!