• Jared

    I too have had the exact same thoughts you have had. I have been looking at news sites trying to see if Jaimie Alexander will be in Thor Ragnarok. I am thinking more and more that she will not be and it will be sad if that’s the case 🙁

  • Sian

    I don’t think Jaimie is back,I’m afraid – I suspect the lady might be one of the Valkyrie or a handmaiden of Hela’s.

    I actually don’t think there is going to be a strong female presence in this film – apart from Hela. Even Tessa is going to have limited role according to the description; the Valkyries apparently don’t turn up until the finale. This is a Thor/Hulk buddy flick. Not so much ‘Ragnarok’ as ‘World War Hulk.’
    How I wish Loki could have his own movie.