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Did Loki fake his death? How did Loki take the throne? Where’s Odin now? At this stage, the answers produced by the fandom are built on supposition and rife with contradiction. Marvel have left a lot of story open for speculation between now and Thor 3… Continue reading

When Loki told a crowd of Germans to kneel before him in The Avengers, he put himself in a very open position to get himself captured. A bold and foolish risk to take, after going to such effort to gain access to Midgard in the first place. Continue reading

The Dark World was, for me, a terrible disappointment.

Now, before you kill me, hear me out! The movie is a disappointment because it could have been … so much better.

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Thor 2 was an enjoyable movie with much more action than its predecessor. The problem here is that while the scenes were enjoyable if not excellent on their own, when put together… The glue that held one scene to another often became unstuck. Continue reading