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An actress wearing a costume that may or may not bear striking similarities to that of Lady Sif’s, has appeared beneath Tom Hiddleston’s armpit. Am I batshit crazy? Possibly. But let’s not worry about that right now… Continue reading

Generally, we could safely expect that much of the hilariously cheesy, outlandishly weird and at times, batshit crazy comic panels of the 80’s and 90’s would be taken with a grain of salt by the folks who are involved in the whole movie making process. But now we have Taika Waititi to contend with, and a list of comic panels we probably don’t want him to see. Or… Do we? Continue reading

My initial feelings on Taika Waititi as director for Thor Ragnarok were a confused mix of kiwi pride and why-the-flying-figs would Ragnarok need to be a laugh-fest? Will this be at the expense of character depth?! But I went along to watch his latest movie, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, in the hope it would restore at least 75% of my dwindling faith in Marvel. How did that pan out? Read on and see! Continue reading

When media discuss the potential comic influence of Thor Ragnarok, they tend to fall back upon Michael Oeming’s comic run. In particularly, his separation of Loki’s head from his body. But let’s not forget Walter Simonson. He who wrote of Ragnarok in the Surtur Saga. Continue reading

The release date of Avengers: Age of Ultron is nearly upon us, and for a recovering spoiler addict, I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding ruining this movie for myself. So far. Continue reading

Little has been said on the topic of a Loki movie for a long time now, but the demand is still out there. Just ask Tom Hiddleston – he has the plot all sorted out. Continue reading

With Loki now in the perfect position to give Thanos the Tesseract & Infinity Gauntlet. It’s really just a matter of time before the Mad Titan – or rather, one of his lackey’s – comes to collect that which was promised to him in The Avengers Continue reading

If there’s one thing Loki has taught us about villains, it’s that we have a far richer investment in the Marvel-verse if we can understand the complexity and motives of all it’s characters. Villains and heroes alike. And yes this idea involves Loki – now read! Continue reading

When Loki told a crowd of Germans to kneel before him in The Avengers, he put himself in a very open position to get himself captured. A bold and foolish risk to take, after going to such effort to gain access to Midgard in the first place. Continue reading

Sometimes when an unconfirmed event or character trait is so well embraced by a fandom, it can be hard to remember whether it actually exists in canon at all, or if it’s purely a fan-created concept. Continue reading