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December Wrap-up for Thor 3 News

December has been a big month for news. On Dec 2nd, the Hollywood Reporter announced Marvel Studios had brought in Stephany Folsom as the new writer for Ragnarok.

stephany folsom


Next came the news of  being the latest kick-ass female character to be introduced to the cinematic universe.

valkyrie marvel

Shortly after this wee gem came to light, it was revealed that Kate Blanchett has been in final negotiations for a role in Thor‘s final installment.

cate blanchett

While it’s unclear what part she will play, it’s said that Marvel have been looking for a female actress to play a new (to the cinematic world) kick-ass female character… Hmm. Wonder who that could be…

Speculation amid fans is that Blanchett could be up for any on one the key female contenders who we hope might make the crossover from comic to movie continuity. Hela, Amora the Enchantress, Karnilla… Oh and of course Valkyrie.

Personally, I think she’d make a freakin awesome Valkyrie.

So there we have it – the wrap up for December’s Thor 3 news. Being that December has revealed more Ragnarok updates than ever before, let’s hope January will bring even more revelations.

…Aaaand fingers crossed I’ll be on the ball this time to post regular updates on whatever comes to hand. 😉

Oh and hey, feel free to contact me via email or Tumblr Submit form if you have any Thor Ragnarok related news to share!

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  • Sian

    I wonder if Natalie Portman is bowing out of this movie – I hope not, because I would like to see her character ‘redeemed’ after the awful dog’s dinner they made of her in Thor 3.

    Regarding Valkyrie…what’s going to happen to Sif? I thought Valkyrie was another Thor love interest in the comics?

    One thing I’m hoping, please no more Darcy and Erik – they have really outstayed their welcome.