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Exciting new TV spot footage – Loki in chains!

The bummer about my time zone is that the excitement always happens when I should be well asleep. After processing and uploading 200+ trailer screenshots to the website gallery, I learnt new footage had been unleashed upon the www. Gah! New Loki images!

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! And, as was quickly pointed out by Tumblr user farbenfrei, his handcuffs are inscribed with runes. Further speculation on this is at the bottom of this post, beneath a ‘more’ tag.

Check out the TV Spot clip:


Speculation on the runes on Loki’s handcuffs

This content may be regarded as spoilerish, although it’s all purely speculative. However consider this your warning if you don’t want to read any TTDW speculation – turn back now!

fel-as-in-tumbld had an interesting look at the runes on Loki’s cuffs, speculating that it could be a ward to harness his magic.

Hagalaz is hail—potential storms, snowflakes as a charm against lightning strikes, banishment, destructive natural forces, testing, trials, violent change. Magically, if the snowflake variant is used, it’s a protective rune; otherwise it’s cursing, rebalancing of power, absorbing of malevolent energies.

Read on for more of Fel’s speculation in this post

Further speculation by Helshades suggests the runes prevent anything bar Thor’s hammer, Mjöllnir, from removing them/breaking their enchantment.  Check out Hel’s post here.

And as Liz of ThorMovies has further speculation regarding the TTDW TV Spot footage in this post.

So what do you think?

Could it be a spell to bind him to Thor? Thus preventing Loki from using his magic unless on Thor’s command? Could it mean that he must gain Thor’s trust (or a situation of dire need) if he wants them removed while on this journey?

And we do see him fighting a Dark Elf without the cuffs in another trailer scene, so perhaps he found a way to gain Thor’s trust? Though whether or not he’ll keep it or double cross him is another matter entirely…

Loki fighting a Dark Elf

The comments section is open if anyone would like to share their thoughts 🙂

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