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Broken Things by DreamFlight

I have been following Broken Things since around chapter three, and although the story is not yet complete, I can … Continue reading

Review: Paper Planes & Playground Games by Barkour

Written from Sif’s POV, Paper Planes & Playground Games is a lovely pre-Thor tale that spans the adolescent years of Sif, Loki and Thor. The rich history of these characters and the careful manner in which they’re written makes for a convincing read. The narrative has a poetic beauty infused with nostalgic undertones, a touch of angst, and an easy-to-read flow that I can’t help but envy. Continue reading

Review: Let Slip the Dog of War by dance_at_bougival

Told from Thor’s point of view, Let Slip the Dog of War is not strictly a Loki story, but one where overall family dynamics has a lot of presence. It’s an incredibly poignant, reflective piece. Thor’s inner reflections are crucial in order to bring himself, his realm – and ultimately Loki – forward. Continue reading

Review: To Cleave the Stars by Hollywithaneye

If you’re sitting on the Loki/Jane fence, this is the fic that may well give you a leg over to the Lokane side. To Cleave the Stars picks up where The Avengers left off, with the taste of defeat still cloying on Loki’s tongue. Continue reading

Review: Storm’s Eye by Rene Austen

As well as doing an astonishing job of characterization, Rene Austen has created an incredibly rich and complex plot that will have you bug-eyed and staring at the screen at 4am because you just. Can’t. Stop. Continue reading