Broken Things by DreamFlight

I have been following Broken Things since around chapter three, and although the story is not yet complete, I can tell you I all but squeel whenever I see a notification in my inbox to say a new chapter has been posted. There are three fanfic writers whose stories have the ability to divert me from any other plan I may have for my online time when a notification pops up, and DreamFlight is very definitely one of them.

Broken Things never fails to take me by surprise. It has grown so much from its first chapter, and honestly, DreamFlight never fails to stun me with the scope of her imagination. Is this fic predictable? Absolutely not. This is a Thor 2 AU which, truth be told, has many elements to it which I can’t help but prefer to the actual cinematic version

I admit, I am now so many chapters in, and so much has taken place throughout the wonderfully unpredictable journey that is Broken Things, that I can’t quite remember how it all began, but the general premise is that Jane is possessed by a powerful cosmic entity, Loki wishes to escape Asgard, and as a by-product of the God of Mischief’s dark schemes, they wind up jumping through dimensions in search of some kind of refuge from all they’ve left behind. In a sense.

This is ultimately a fic, yes, but it’s a dark and dangeous and at times exceptionally lonely one. Despite the convenient manner in which they’ve been thrown together, this is not a story where they grow to care for each other within a few chapters and dimension-jump happily ever after. Oh no no no. Loki is still very much a dark and deadly God of Chaos in this story, and Jane is still very much aware of this. They trust each other about as much as a hare trusts a hawk, but are grudgingly aware they need each other to survive.

jane/loki fic

As individuals, their characterisation is amid the best I’ve ever read, and their slow-burning development as partners is incredibly well executed. This is a story filled with tension and suspense and infrequently peppered with UST. While there’s often the sense that Loki could kill her as much as look at her, at times there’s just enough guard dropped on either side to hint more developing between the two of them than what they are aware of. That’s the Lokane carrot that keeps you hanging – regardless of whether or not you actually ride the ship.
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Each time Loki and Jane jump into a new parallel world, they ‘borrow’ the bodies of who they are in that world, and they are always linked to each other in some way. The deer and the wolf; the Jotun Prince and his thrall; the astrophysicist and her aloof cat; the suicidal psychiatric patient and her psychiatrist; or simply two people in love and leading an impossibly normal life neither of them will never really be able to have. Because each time they jump, they retain memory of who they are, and sometimes when they leave, they shatter the lives of who they’ve left behind.

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And all the while, Jane carries the conscience of this cosmic spirit within her; one that communicates its wants and needs to her until she’s not sure if what she wants and needs are her own or those of the ageless being within her.

loki/jane fic rec

What impresses me most about Broken Things is how exceptionally clever DreamFlight is at weaving this incredible multiverse. From one chapter to the next, this is a story that cannot be predicted, and cannot grow boring.

Broken Things is not yet complete. There are currently 20 chapters at the time of writing this, and I hope it won’t wrap up any time soon. Each chapter explores a new parallel dimension, and how many of these can be housed within a multiverse? As many as can be imagined! So I hope DreamFlight continues to imagine them for a long time yet.

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