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Pairing: None | Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst | Setting: Post-Avengers.
Summary: Forgiveness isn’t easily attained. Neither is redemption. Fortunately, Loki has little interest in either. Continue reading

Pairing: None | Genre: Humour | Setting: Post-Thor.
Summary: Loki’s plan has gone awry, resulting in a shape-shifting computer that has not only stolen his magic and his identity, but his beloved waffle iron. Now Loki has to come up with a new plan. One that involves footnotes, equations, and working alongside the Avengers… Continue reading

Genre: Adventure/Romance | Pairing: Loki/Sigyn
Summary: In Asgard, post-Avengers, Loki must confront both the rift between himself and his brother, and the sacrifices he is willing to make to meet his heart’s greatest need. Continue reading

Rated: K+ | Genre: Family/Drama | Pairing: None
Summary: One Shot. Loki lies, but now, Thor is starting to see the truth. Companion to Far to Nowhere. Continue reading

Genre: Family/Drama | Pairing: None | Setting: Pre-Thor
Summary: Every culture has created a Trickster figure; what if, at least sometimes, they were all the same person, especially if that person rather liked the attention? Continue reading

Genre: Romance/Drama | Pairing: Loki/Jane | Setting: Post-Avengers
Summary: When Loki becomes tangled in his own web of lies, truth and clarity comes from the oddest of places – and Jane learns that the cruelest masks are those made for us by others. Continue reading

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