Faqs / Isn’t it a bit unfair to expect stories to meet a checklist of requirements to be listed here?

No. I don’t. I’m truly sorry if anyone is offended by the requirements, and I don’t wish to beat down on anyone’s writing ability – gods know my own writing is deeply flawed (thus you won’t see my fics here!) But there is no point in listing any and all Loki fanfic here. Between FFNET and AO3, the open door policy is already covered, and it’s very simple to find Loki-centric stories on these archives just by using the search filters. It is, however, slightly more frustrating to filter the well written stories from the not-so-polished fics.

When I stumbled into this fandom, I spent a lot of time sifting through armloads and armloads of stories that I couldn’t adhere to. For some, the characterisation or storyline was too off-key, for others the poor formatting or lack of proofreading made the stories difficult to follow… It became quite defeating after a while and I probably missed dozens of really incredible stories simply because I fell into an apathetic auto-pilot mode after a while, where I began seizing stories at random in the hope of finding a diamond.

That is why I decided a directory of  Loki fanfic recs would be beneficial not just to myself, but to others who would like to spend their lunch break reading great fic rather than searching for it.

Of course, not everyone shares the same opinion on what a ‘great’ fic is, which is why there are guidelines to cover the basics, and then readers have the option to submit their own recommendations for consideration.

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