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Setting: Thor 2 AU | Genre: Drama/Adventure/Humour | Pairing: Thor/Jane, Loki/Jane (it could go either way)
Summary: While Odin looks to test Jane’s mettle, Asgard comes under threat, forcing Jane to work alongside Loki to stop it. But Loki’s schemes – as treacherous as they are clever – tend to benefit no one but himself. Can the enemy of the enemy be a friend? Or will the Trickster betray them all? Continue reading

Setting: Post-Avengers | Genre: Humour | Pairing: None
Summary: Everyone said that Thor was Loki’s greatest enemy. The actual truth was both sadder and more complicated: boredom was Loki’s greatest enemy. Thor was just really Loki’s best avenue for entertainment… Continue reading

Pairing: None | Genre: Humour | Setting: Post-Thor.
Summary: Loki’s plan has gone awry, resulting in a shape-shifting computer that has not only stolen his magic and his identity, but his beloved waffle iron. Now Loki has to come up with a new plan. One that involves footnotes, equations, and working alongside the Avengers… Continue reading

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