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The God of Mischief Tumblog has been re-created.

So I decided to remove some unused sideblogs from my yesterday, and accidentally winded up deleting my entire account. *facepalm* Don’t even ask how I could be so foolish, I’m still trying to figure that out myself… loki tumblr is back online, but as I’ve had to rebuild it from scratch, all posts and followers are gone except for those I’ve been able to track down and drag back (yes, that goes for both posts and followers.) If you followed God of Mischief’s blog on Tumblr up until yesterday, I hope you’ll go back and refollow it again. If you’ve never followed the blog before – why the hell not? It’s an awesome Loki Tumblr page! Go follow it – hurry up! And thank you to the lovely folk on Tumblr who have re/followed me so far! Meanwhile… this site has not been affected by my blunder. Though I shouldn’t speak too soon because I’m adding in some new fanfic recs shortly, and who knows if I might find a way to stuff that up and break the site?

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In a nutshell: 30-something. Mother of 3. New Zealander. Prone to escapism. Procrastinates over most things yet energised and enthusiastic when hit with alarmingly stupid and random ideas. Hasn't slept since the early-90's.