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Help a dying Marvel fan #capforstrat

So the sweetest, saddest story has come to my attention tonight, and while it may go a little off-topic from the theme of this site, it’s Marvel related, so… Good enough.

There’s a twitter campaign going on at the moment, targeting the actors of the MCU-verse. It’s aim? Their help in fulfilling a dying man’s final wishes: To watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier before he passes away.

Stratford Caldecott is a long-time comic reader and fan of the Marvel movies, and he’s now in the final stages of his battle against prostate cancer. Due to his condition he was unable to see CATWS at the cinema, and is unlikely to make it until the movie’s DVD release in August.

His family have started a twitter campaign, #capforstrat, in the hope that the big boss type folk at Marvel Studios will grant the dying man’s request – to watch a copy of the film at his home.

Many of The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D cast have posted selfies in support of this request. Word of the campaign has also reached Christopher Markus (co-writer of the Captain America movies), who commented on the original blog post to say he will do what he can to help.


Fingers crossed that the-big-boss-type-folk at Marvel are as awesome as Christopher Markus and all the MCU cast who have pitched in so far – it would be lovely to hear of a happy outcome from this, for Stratford Caldecott and his family.

If you want to lend your support to the cause, you could also take a selfie and post it to Twitter, Instagram or email it directly to the family. Check out this post for further details.

Death is the greatest, most frightening adventure of them all. He is one of the good guys, worthy of superhero status himself. As Agent Coulson would say, it’s time to call for back up – let’s give him the send off he deserves. – Sophie Caldecott [x]



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