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Is Loki in Age of Ultron? Does Thor return to Asgard? [AOU SPOILERS!!]

Is in ? Does return to Asgard? Do and Jane break up in Avengers 2? Does die? What further purpose does ’s scepter have? 

If you’re desperate to know the answers to these questions but you don’t want the entire plot of Avengers Age of Ultron spoiled for you, then read on. These questions are answered!

Warning: This post contains Avengers: Age of Ultron . They focus specifically on information that relates to Thor, Loki, Thor 3, , and Loki’s scepter. These spoilers do not contain any further information relating to AoU.


king loki on throne in thor 2

Is Loki in Age of Ultron?

No. Despite claims by Idris Elba that he filmed scenes for AoU alongside Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth, Loki will not be seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Is Loki mentioned at all?

Unsure. Although according to the original post on these spoilers, there is a sense that he’s “up to something” and the mid-credit scene possibly hints that he’s failed (however this could relate to his failure to Thanos in the first Avengers film and how that failure will ultimately come back to bite him in the future.)

Is Heimdall in AoU?

Yes. He has two scenes relating to a vision Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) gives Thor. In the first scene, Wanda’s vision takes Thor to the future where Heimdall is warning him that the end has come. The second scene takes place after Thor returns to the buried pool (with Erik Selvig’s help) to try and access that vision again.

Thor in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Does Thor return to Asgard?

Yes. He returns to Asgard to investigate Wanda’s vision. Although as far as I’m aware, the movie does not elaborate upon this. ie, the post did not mention there being scenes that show Thor in Asgard. (Understandably. It’s Thor’s set up for Thor: Ragnarok and hardly relevant to AoU in itself. )

Does Thor leave Earth and return in Asgard permanently by the end of the movie?

Unsure at this point.

Are Thor and Jane Foster still together in Age of Ultron?

Jane is not seen in the movie, but it is implied (via Thor and Tony joking about who has the better girlfriend or something to that effect) that they are still together.

Does Thor die in Avengers 2?

No. Contrary to some rumours, there is no death of Thor and Hela-granted resurrection lined up for Thor 3 at this point.

What hints to we have of what’s to come in Thor 3 Ragnarok?

The vision that Thor gets from the Scarlet Witch shows us a future where Heimdall is warning Thor that the end is coming. The end being of course, Ragnarok, the Norse End of Days.


Loki's scepter will be important for Age of Ultron

Does Loki’s scepter have a purpose in AoU?

Yes. The scepter contains the Mind Gem and, according to the AoU prequel comic, it’s what gives the Maximoff twins their powers. In the movie, it is the gem that’s in Vision’s forehead, and it’s what powers him.

Disclaimer: As I still have not seen AoU myself, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of these spoilers. This information was taken from a AoU spoiler masterpost created by someone who saw the press screening and there’s no surety that they remembered events accurately. The post did not stay online for long before it was deleted, although I first managed to copy/paste spoilers relevant to Thor, and reword them in question/answer format. I will be seeing Age of Ultron on April 23rd, and if need be I will edit this post with any further relevant information/corrections afterwards.

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  • Iris

    Does Black Widow or anyone else lift Thor’s hammer?

    • Not Black Widow, but Vision. He lifts it and uses it to defend Thor. Or something upon those lines.

  • Sian

    Very tired of Erik – I like Stellan Skarsgaard, but why do we keep getting Erik and not Jane or Loki? He’s a supporting character, for heaven’s sake and he really has outstayed his welcome.

    No Loki…disappointing. Nice to know Jane is still around although I’d prefer her as Loki’s girlfriend!

  • Sian

    I have just seen this film.

    And it already has sparked a lot of very varied fan opinions.

  • Vainilla

    Yes. Loki is indeed mentioned twice in the movie, but that’s all.

  • Sian

    I saw the movie when it first came out. And I found it disappointing. Can’t say any more as people here might not have seen it yet, but for me it wasn’t as good as Avengers Assemble.