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Jaimie Alexander hopes to play Lady Loki

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, (who we surely all know by now as Thor’s Lady Sif) discussed her cameo on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and future hopes for her place in the Marvel-verse. Including… Lady !

CBR: Are there still aspects of Lady Sif you are aching to explore either on television or in film? Are you open to returning for more appearance on the show?

Jaimie Alexander: I’m game if they are game. I had such a great experience. If time allows, I would definitely return.

I would like to explore more of Lady Sif’s relationships and go in deeper with the Warriors Three and her, Thor and her, and even Loki and her. I think it would be a really neat thing to see a little bit of history played out or a bit of background story. And, of course, most people agree it would be really epic to see a . It would be so much fun and the sky would be the limit with that.

lady loki

So far, there’s been nothing to imply Marvel are considering the appearance of Lady Loki in the future, but in the comic-verse, Loki did take over Sif’s body for a while and become Lady Loki. So what do you think? Could Jaimie Alexander pull off Tom Hiddleston’s Loki?

*Wait, let me rephrase that…*

I mean, could Jaimie Alexander’s talent as an actress meet the bar set by Tom Hiddleston in his portrayal of Loki? Or should we at least see more of Lady Sif in , future AoS episodes, or even a Marvel one-shot?

Check out the full interview with Jaimie here.

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