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Lady Sif in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – will we learn more of Loki on the throne of Asgard?

Marvel have just announced that will be reprising her role as in an upcoming episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode #15 is filming at the moment, and Marvel are confident her appearance will help push up the show’s ratings (which haven’t been that great, let’s be honest).

This is fantastic – or I hope it will be. By which I mean, I hope they don’t stuff this up, because their Thor 2 ep was… Lacking. Although it did give us some us insight into how Loki survived that chest wound I suppose… Assuming Loki waited for Thor to turn away before shoving his hand up into his own chest to keep his heart beating until his body could fix itself? Or something like that?

Anyway, what I’m dying to know is… Will the appearance of Lady Sif in Agents give us any insight into what’s going on back in Asgard now that Loki sits on the throne? Surely his machinations must be becoming obvious by now – at least to those who have noticed Odin’s sudden uncharacteristic tendency to sprawl all over the seat of power…? Boy, close those legs!

(Keyphrase: lady sif ) []

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  • Theowyn

    “… if they pull another ‘Loki dies but doesn’t actually die’
    stunt again, there’s probably going to be rioting on the streets.”
    Oh, come on! How many times have they pulled this in the comics? People will forgive another heart-wrenching death scene, especially if it’s redemptive, a la Siege. 

    That said, it would be refreshing if just ONCE a beloved villain was able to redeem himself WITHOUT dying in the process. I mean really, is there no means of atonement or hope of redemption except in death? What a horribly depressing message! But I digress.

    I do think we’ll get Ragnarok in Thor 3 and absolutely expect Loki to come down on the side of Asgard when push comes to shove. I expect Odin to die. Thor lost his brother in T1 (emotionally if not physically) and his mother in T2, so it’s time to complete his coming of age saga by killing off Odin so Thor can become king.

    As for Loki, although Hollywood loves those heart-wrenching death scenes, I am really hoping they don’t kill him. No one would believe it, for one thing. More importantly, assuming Thanos is the villain of Avengers 3, Loki needs room to do some rehabilitative character development – which is always easier to do when one is alive. Thanos has promised him an eternity of endless torment, so he should be firmly on the side of the good guys in A3. For that to be remotely believable, he needs to sustain whatever redemptive arc he begins in T3. That means facing the consequences of his actions and beginning the process of reintegrating into society. 

    He won’t be a good guy. He’ll still certainly be out for himself and ready to betray everyone when it suits him. But, at minimum, he has to be someone Thor and the rest of the Avengers think they can take a calculated risk on and cautiously trust to do what’s best for himself. In other words, he has to be sane and not so filled with blind rage that he comes across as an unpredictable, self-destructive, loose canon.

    I think Loki can get to that point more easily if he’s still standing at the end of T3 and forgiven all his sins by Thor as king. That will give both brothers a much-needed break from almost constant battle and heartache and a chance to define a new baseline in their relationship. They will need that if Thor is going to persuade the Avengers to let Loki back on Earth.

    • Thank you for your comment Theowyn, and I dearly hope you’re right!

      In terms of how killing off characters and bringing them back again is common (and somewhat expected) in the comic-verse, I don’t know if they’d want to take that kind of risk with the mainstream audience of a blockbuster movie. Many of whom who have likely never picked up the comics, but are no stranger to the tired old eye-roll of bringing characters back from the dead.

      I too hope they don’t use that one (yet again) or kill him outright. He’ll never be a completely good guy (nor would anyone really want him to be, surely!) but I dearly hope they don’t ruin the progress they’ve made with building up his ambiguity, to make him fully villain. As a character who is out for his own best interests, but is sometimes compelled to help the good side (or the bad – whatever suits) I think is a great balance. And to have them work more on building more complexity into the brodinsons dynamic would be fantastic too.

      I too would like to see him stand on the side of good in order to vs Thanos- not so much because he cares for the side of good, but because it suits his own purpose (for strategic reasons, if he’s going to defeat Thanos he’ll need allies to watch his back. He’s going to have to work for that by proving he can be a good guy even if he’s really not.)