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Kenneth Branagh for Thor Ragnarok?

Kenneth Branagh could be – if Marvel has their way – returning to direct Thor: Ragnarok? Could it be be possible? Really? Could it?!?

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I admit, I’ve been completely out of the loop in regards to Thor-related news for quite a while now, what with real life causing me to try make an actual vested effort to like… work and make money and stuff1)If freelance graphic and web design can really be classed as work? Come on it’s too fun for that!… *sigh* …

…So I’m probably once again the last person in the world to be discussing this.

BUT if the rumours are true – and by Odin’s Mighty Beard I hope they are – Kenneth Branagh (that’s the man who directed the first Thor film if you weren’t already in the know) could be returning to direct Thor: Ragnarok.

That is, if he doesn’t take up Fox’s offer to direct Murder On The Orient Express.

And also, if I were Branagh, I’d politely ask Marvel to drop to their knees, kiss my feet and apologise for ever allowing Alan Taylor near Thor: The Dark World. (Actually that’s not fair. If memory serves, much of the mess that was Thor 2 was created by those higher than Taylor. Although someone please correct me if I’m wrong – it has been quite a few months since I’ve given this any thought.)

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1. If freelance graphic and web design can really be classed as work? Come on it’s too fun for that!
  • StarkeyGamer

    one can only hope. The last one was mostly unwatchable (except for the Loki parts)