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Kevin Feige talks “Thor 3” with Collider

The folks at Marvel have had very little to say on the subject of , but this week Kevin Feige spoke with Collider in regards to GotG, Thanos and Marvel’s upcoming movie line-up, and was coaxed into revealing a tiny tidbit of info at least:

COLLIDER: Jumping into status of Thor 3 and Captain America 3.

FEIGE:  Both in development, both in the works.  Cap has already been announced, so that’s up first.  That’s in a further stage.  Thor is being outlined right now, so both in the works.

It’s not a lot to go on, but it’s something. Right?

And as I already blogged about in a previous post, I’m going stark raving bonkers with curiosity to know just why Marvel are happy to announce the release dates of both Cap 3 and GotG 2, yet they’re keeping mum about when we can expect to see Thor 3.

…Actually, I’m just hoping it’s all because they’re deliberating on whether to slot in a movie ahead of Thor 3, so Asgard’s new King can get up to some more mischief before his golden god of a brother comes along to crash the party.

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Oh don’t laugh at me. Dreams are free.

Credits: Thanks to Eowyn for giving me the heads up about this article.

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