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Could we see Lady Loki in Thor Ragnarok?

Could the MCU be introducing us to in ?

New photos of a mystery actress on the ‘New York’ set of Thor Ragnarok (filmed on the city streets of Brisbane) have given rise to speculation that this could be the character Gaea (Thor’s biological mother in comic canon) or Death (the lover of Thanos) or perhaps even Sigyn (Loki’s wife in myth and comic – for a time there).

mystery actress in thor ragnarok

mystery actress in thor ragnarok

She’s clearly not Cate Blanchett (Hela), Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif) or Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), and she’s clearly trying to hide her costume/identity. So who can she be?

Meanwhile, another photo shows the raven-haired actress filming on-set alongside Hobo Odin and Streetwear Thor in an alley.

thor ragnarok set photos new york

Where’s Loki all of a sudden? Hiding from Odin?

While’s it’s possible that this is Gaea or Death or someone else entirely, let’s go back for a moment to the fact that Loki doesn’t appear to be in this scene. Hel, I don’t blame him – if I were Loki, I’d be wanting to hide from Odin too.

Oh hey! I’m likely 200% wrong here, but what if… What if Marvel truly wish to throw us a curveball… by introducing another of comic Loki’s renowned talents into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The ability to change himself into Lady Loki?

Could this be a disguise Loki takes on so he can hide in plain sight for a while?

thor 3 mystery actress

Maybe? Yeah nah. Her cheekbones aren’t sharp enough.


Realistically, I have to side with the rest of the interwebs and say this actress is highly unlikely to be genderbend Loki. Asides from filming the alleyway scene, she was not seen anywhere else on Brisbane’s “New York” set, and, as we’ve already seen from Loki in previous “NYC” set photos, he’s hardly trying to blend in with his surroundings – what with that suave black suit that all but screams ‘don’t you recognise me as that guy who tried to rule you?! Now drop to your knees before me and pray for my benevolence!”

Still, it would be an interesting twist and logical way for Loki to disguise himself while in a city full of people who would surely have his face seared into their memories. As fans have speculated the possibility of Lady Loki making an entrance into the MCU for some time now, this would be a great cameo nod to the fans, while also testing the waters to see if there’s a chance Lady Loki may be welcomed in future Marvel movies – particularly once Tom Hiddleston is done with the role?


Genderbend Loki (Loki: Agents of Asgard)


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