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Slippernado – A new Loki movie for 2014?

Tumblr is the driving force for the Loki fandom. Realising this, the folks at Marvel recently browsed relevant tags to discover just what the fandom are hoping for in a Loki movie.

They found slippers. Loki’s slippers.

Slipper fan art, slipper fan fiction… The world, it seems, is crying out to see more of Loki in slippers.

Scratching their collective heads in amazement, Marvel have since decided they will indeed give the fans their Loki movie.

Merging two of 2013’s best movie ideas, Marvel have just announced SLIPPERNADO will begin filming in 2014.

slippernado - loki movie

Marvel are confident in the strong storyline they have developed for this movie.  To further capitilise on the success that has become Tom Hiddleston/Loki, the sequel, SHIPPERNADO, will be filmed at the same time.

Risky move? They don’t think so!

Disclaimer: The content of this ‘news story’ is 100% false. Marvel will not be making a ‘Slippernado’ movie… It’s actually going to be titled Lokinado.

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