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Loki Movie? Tom Hiddleston suggests winding back to the ’70’s

The want for a has been around for some time, but recently gained a lot of organised fan momentum through the Free Loki campaign – a petition organised by a Loki fan with a gift for the gab and a knack for getting noticed!

With over 28,000 signatures now on the petition, the media have been increasingly prompted to ask – will there be a Loki movie?

Tom tends to dance around that question with a skill most politicians would be envious of, expressing gratitude and profound honor that fans are so enthusiastic about the character of Loki, while cheerfully reminding interviewers that the decision is up to Marvel, and would call for a lot of brainstorming to develop a compelling story that could fit into Marvel’s Phase 3 (well, I’m ad libbing here but I think he’s said something upon those last lines. I admit, I’m not completely up to the play with Tom Hiddleston’s interviews…)

Now in a recent interview, Tom Hiddleston shares one of his own “crazy ideas” for a compelling Loki standalone:

“I have crazy ideas about winding back the clock and Loki going down to work in the ’70’s, running a nightclub and spinning wheels and playing Rolling Stones tracks and all that sort of thing.”

Hmm. Truthfully, I’m not quite as enthusiastic about that one as the interviewer was (she who declared something upon the lines of “I love it! Let’s make this a thing!”) but I’m guessing he wasn’t serious, right? I’m still crossing my fingers that we’ll one day find out just what happened to Loki between Thor and Avengers.  Where did he go? How did he come into contact with Thanos?

This was a question Tom gave some insight into (in deliciously compelling detail) when a fan asked at :

Guest: Alright so I asked Joss Whedon this question yesterday, and he didn’t have an answer. So my question is, between Thor and Avengers, we see a really dark change in Loki. I was wondering what you think happened to him between those movies. What got him to that point?

Tom: Joss didn’t tell you?

Guest: He said, he said that it was a back-story he hadn’t thought of yet.

Tom: Well, he’s being too modest. We kind of talked about this idea, cuz at the end of Thor, you see Loki disappear through a kind of worm hole in space and time. And we imagine that Loki basically kind of goes through the seventh circle of hell in a way. He’s out, he’s cut loose. He just gets lost in the wrong districts of the universe. You know like the dark alleyways, the backstreets. And the people he meets are not kind. And he really has to survive on his wits. And also with this kind of reservoir of pain based on the events of that film. Really just we kind of established that there’s this terrible, almost year long journey that he goes on through as it were the jungles of the universe and it is deeply scaring. And it hardens him. It’s like a kind like the Asgardian version of Apocalypse now. He just like goes down that river and it gets pretty wild. But it was really important that he was stronger and more dangerous, and less, am you know, he had a tougher exterior. So that’s what happened. I mean, use your imagination. Conversations for a Cause with Tom Hiddleston, Nerd HQ with English Transcript

I know I’ve said this before (and if the stupid search function was working properly on this site, I’d pull up the previous article to see just how much I’m repeating myself  here *makes note to fix search*)  But Loki using his wits to survive in the jungles of the universe..? Surely you can’t get more compelling than that!


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