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Will Loki be Ragnaroking in Thor 3?

Since the official confirmation that  is in the works, opinions have been flying as to what might have his sleeve for us next. Of course, the God of Mischief sits on the Throne of Asgard now, in the guise of Odin, so there’s no doubt this will be a plot element for the third installment.

Speculation is strong that like his comic counter-part, Loki will try and bring about – the final battle of the Norse gods which will result in the destruction of pretty much all involved.

Both Kyle and Yost had teased Ragnarok, the final battle of the Norse gods, as the storyline for the third movie — and now that they’re in charge of Thor 3‘s script, people are already speculating that we’ll be seeing that in May of 2016. This would make the Fire Demons of Muspelheim, led by , the main villains of the third movie. (For what it’s worth, both Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth have voted for this storyline as well.)
– Marvel via Comic Book Movie

The thing we shouldn’t forget here is that while the Marvel Cinematic Universe draws inspiration from the comics, it doesn’t follow them to a T, and we have already seen by now that the MCU have made some heavy adaptions to the original comic material. Chances are that if they do bring Surtur and/or Ragnarok into Thor 3, it will be a revised version of what comic readers may expect, in keeping with the MCU’s own continuity.


Thor 3 Speculation

Comic Loki triggered Ragnarok by leading an army against Asgard. MCU Loki already has the seat of power, so what would compel him to sit upon that throne, stroke his thumb across his chin and think, “hmm. I know, let’s just…. destroy everything! End it all!”

Well (and bear in mind this is just me speculating here) perhaps someone will twig that it’s Loki on Asgard’s throne rather than Odin, and overthrow him. This could see him escaping, and incite him into seeking out the enemies of Asgard (cue Surtur, the fire demon of Muspelheim) to commit the ultimate vengeance against the Realm Eternal.

Thor will then need to come to Asgard’s aide and fight against his brother, and Surtur, for what might be their final showdown…


But let’s not forget the feels

Because we love Loki for his multi-dimensional knack for being a bad guy with feels, he’ll probably realise during that final battle that he doesn’t want to destroy Asgard and his brother with it, after-all, so he’ll turn tail and work with Thor to defend the golden realm. Maybe he’ll even sacrifice himself for Asgard’s defence – in the way of Seige.

Seige - Loki's sacrifice

Except… Tom Hiddleston is still signed up for another couple of Marvel movies. And if they pull another ‘Loki dies but doesn’t actually die’ stunt again, there’s probably going to be rioting on the streets.

And if they cut their ties from Tom Hiddleston after this movie and write out Loki completely, there’s going to be even more rioting in the streets. (Hey come on, we’re still waiting to see Loki face off against Thanos, hopefully by grudgingly coming to the aid of Earth’s mightiest heroes in the third Avengers movie, aren’t we?)

However they swing it, I believe that if Ragnarok rolls around in Thor 3, it will be be because a grand plan of Loki’s will have spiralled beyond his control.

Now let’s put aside those feels..

Let’s face it, for all that he is supposedly a master of game play, ‘spiralling out of control’ is one of those things Loki’s exceptionally good at. We saw it happen in the first Thor film, when his downward spiral began after he manipulated Thor into storming Jotunheim. Yes, terribly unexpected things happened that altered his ability to function on a higher level blah blah blah… But let’s just disconnect all our feels and look at the bigger picture here: Loki attempts to fix his mistakes in Thor went from ‘I made another oopsie’ to ‘tumbling into a void of hopeless despair and oblivion’.

Then there was just a teensy weensy bit of ‘spiralling out of control’ going on for Loki in The Avengers… *cough*

And in Thor 2 we saw that small incident where his ‘bit of useful of advice’ for Kurse went unexpectedly wrong for Frigga. (I know, I know, it wasn’t Loki’s intention – he just wanted to cause a bit of chaos, not send his mother to Valhalla and so on… But we’ve turned off our feels to look at the bigger picture, remember?)

Aaaand the bad guy takes the win

Fortunately for Loki, by the end of Thor 2 he was back on track. By accident or design, he had found his way to the Throne of Asgard.

achievement unlocked

But will he be able to keep it in Thor 3? And will he try to use it for the greater good, the greater bad, or for his own gratification? And, with the Ragnarok storyline expected by so many fans, will the writers of Thor 3 create their own MCU adaption of it, or write a different story completely?

Comments are open if anyone would like to add their 2 cents!

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