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Tom Hiddleston aka Loki on Comedy Central

. Do I have your attention yet?

For promotion of Thor The Dark World, Tom Hiddleston Loki has dropped down from Asgard to make an appearance on Comedy Central. The series of skits feature Loki sitting on a beanbag, discussing superheroes with a group of kids.

It’s insanely amusing, truly it is. And now some kind person has put all four skits together into one handy dandy compilation… Feast your eyes!

Now sit back, and wait for a whole new generation of ‘Loki is a dad’ crack!fic to begin! I can see all the summaries now…

“Loki is banished to Midguard and the only way he can stay under SHIELD’s radar is by working a pre-school. Hilarity ensues!”

Damnit. I actually need to read this. Someone, bring me this crack fic! ASAP! But make it good – I need a laughing fit!

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  • swingingmoobs

    did thors  farther really die

    • No one knows yet, but it’s unlikely they would kill Odin ‘off-screen’. For now, it’s generally assumed that he’s in Odinsleep and magicked away somewhere out of sight.