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Loki’s Chitauri Scepter appears at Marvel booth – SDCC

So Loki’s Chirauri Scepter made an appearance at Marvel’s booth at SDCC this week…


We last saw the Chitauri scepter in the company of Baron Strucker during the mid-credit scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  That in itself was a pretty good suggestion the relic will come to have some kind of significance in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Marvel’s display of it at their SDCC booth has jingled that carrot before us just a little harder.

Their tweet regarding Loki is even more intriguing. Was it purely a Comic Con red herring aimed to tease fans into thinking Tom Hiddleston might make another Hall H appearance? Or could this be a clue for what to expect at some point in the MCU’s future – Loki slipping back into Midgard again to try and reclaim the scepter (or rather, the Infinity Stone believed to be held within it?)

Hmm. I don’t think Loki was particularly attached to his scepter – given that he left it on the roof, thus enabling Black Widow to use it to close the portal. (Do you remember the deleted scene where the Other communicates with Loki while he rides the Chitauri chariot, and Loki remembers he left the scepter behind? So wish that had been left in the movie.) More like Marvel just name-dropped Loki for the attention.


But we know the Avengers will be facing off against Strucker in AoU. And we can presume they reclaim the Scepter along with whatever other goodies Strucker has been hoarding.

As lokilaufeysonthefrostgiant suggested when I blogged about it on Tumblr, what if the scepter is linked to the creation of Ultron?


loki's scepter age of ultron

Whatever the dealio with the scepter is, we can be pretty sure Thanos is going to want to get his mits on it at some point in the future. And possibly Loki, too. Food for thought.



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