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Loki’s Slippers – they have a fandom of their own

So the fandom exploded a few days ago when a Disney Channel interview released new behind the scenes footage of Thor 2 – including a shot of Loki wearing…. prison slippers?

loki's slippers

Yes. Yes you read that correct. The fandom really is so desperate for new fodder to chew over, that these slippers were classed as a bone.

Tumblr quickly became drunk on footwear fumes as speculation broke out over whether these slippers would now be classed as a canonical part of Loki’s attire for meta writers to wax lyrical over, or whether they were just the property of Hiddles himself.

Debates turned into arguments which turned into threatened air strikes and the potential annhilation of the planet… Okay, that entire last sentence may have been a fabrication, but I’m not lying when I say, there was even slipper fan art.

News of the Loki slipper uproar began to trickle out to other sites on the net. And then the fan art started. And the fan fiction…


loki's slippers

source: metalshell

loki's slippers

Source: Batwynn

Source: Unsure.

There are some clever people out there, I tell you.

The fanart was a real jewel of this overnight fandom sensation, though I admit I missed a lot of it – I was hiding beneath my blanket by that time. (Amusing as I have eventually found it, the topic of Loki’s slippers is perhaps best taken in small doses rather than trying to down the whole bottle at once.)

Edited to add: Did you know, Loki’s slipper fandom caused some footwear manufacturers and retailers to rename some of their slippers? Such as the Bearpaw “Loki” Slippers. Name them what you want, I’ll never wear ’em. Give me ugg boots any day.

Edited to add: I’ve since found Loki’s slipper fandom to be a source of inspiration for fanart and memes of my own…

loki's slipper fandom
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