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Marvel announces Karl Urban as Skurge

Marvel has made an official announcement for a few more cast members to Thor Ragnarok, including New Zealand actor Karl Urban as Skurge.

karl urban skurge

Well THAT was unexpected.

Not gonna lie, I would have expected someone beefier for the role of Skurge the Executioner, but I’m not complaining. Karl Urban has been one of my favourite actors since before that time I repeat-watched Pathfinder and then giffed the scene where he practiced his sword-swinging skills down at the water’s edge. (*drooools*) I have long believed that Marvel genetically-engineer their cast to fit the characters they portray, and this now confirms my suspicions that Karl Urban was created in a lab.

Jeff Goldblum (that lovable obnoxious asshat from Jurassic Park) has also been thrown into the Thor 3 chowder. We’ll get to see him as the Grandmaster. Who the hell is he? Well, if you watched that episode of Ultimate Spider Man where Spidey finds himself as a game piece in a great cosmic contest between Grandmaster and the Collector (or, you know, if you’ve read “the comics”) then you’ll know! Whatever. Jeff Goldblum. Who knew he was also born in a lab?

Marvel have also confirmed Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Cate Blanchett as Hela, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/the Hulk, and the return of Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins and – no shit – Chris Hemsworth.

As you’ve surely heard by now, Natalie Portman will not be returning as Jane Foster, and it’s also said that Jaimie Alexander will not be returning as Sif.

No more Jane Foster I can deal with but, no Sif…? I’m sorry, but I need some time to deal. I gotta work my way through a few stages of grief.

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  • Sian

    Love Urban but…
    Irritating as Foster was in Thor 2, her character could have been so good yet they didn’t seem interested in her. I would have loved her to have more scenes with Loki but..

    And no Sif? That is….weird. So, it seems Valkyrie will be the new female lead.

    To be honest I’m still on the fence about this film. The presence of the Hulk rankles; with all due respect to the lovely Mr Ruffalo, it seems stupid to put him in Thor 2, especially as neither of the main female characters of the first films will be back. And Loki as a ‘ghost’…no, sorry. That I do NOT want.

    • One point we can be thankful for at least, is that Loki won’t be returning as a ghost – that was just an April Fool’s prank that I pulled, which I forgot to come back and edit with a “just kidding” post-script until… mid-May I think?

      BUT on everything else, I pretty much agree. I’m so disappointed that Sif doesn’t appear to be in this movie at all – I can happily do without Jane Foster, but SIF?!

      Natalie Portman had no passion for her role as Foster and didn’t wish to return, that much has been common knowledge since the first movie. Ragnarok is an easy exit for her because really, whether the comic inspiration for this movie is coming from the Ragnarok comics or Planet Hulk or an amalgamation of both, there’s absolutely no way in which her character will benefit the storyline.

      Jaimie Alexander on the other hand was both enthusiastic about returning, and her character could have had a pivotal role in being the one to figure out that Odin was not who he seemed to be (particularly since Loki!Odin has had her running off to carry out various tasks as if she were his right-hand man (reference: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Thor 2 post-credits)

      As for incorporating elements of Planet Hulk into Thor Ragnarok… Urgh. On one hand I’m really intrigued by the idea, as our family have been hoping for a Planet Hulk movie for a long time, but on the other hand… This is THOR RAGNAROK! I feel that Marvel Studios have no confidence in Thor to carry his own movie whatsoever, and because they’re unable to actually make a Planet Hulk movie due to the movie rights being tied up elsewhere, they’re going for what they feel is the next best thing… Trying to salvage the Thor franchise and win back favour from all the fanboys who were pissed about Loki’s role shining brighter than Thor, and pissed about the fact they can’t actually officially have a Hulk solo movie.

      So… Way to kill two birds with one stone. What do the fanboys want? PLANET HULK! When do they want it? THOR!


      With Hiddleston now hoping to move on to bigger and Bondier things, he’ll probably welcome the opportunity to play a much lesser part. And for all that I REALLY enjoyed Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople, I just DON’T think trying to ‘salvage’ the Thor franchise by injecting his humour into it, is the way to go about it. Oh sure, make it into a slapstick comedy to appease the general public who just want to laugh at a bunch of dudes wearing superhero suits… It’s profit over good story-telling and a shot at some amazing world-building. So much for Marvel building a complex cinematic universe. Bah!

      It’s funny, but I haven’t written an article about my thoughts on Thor 3 in a long time, because I have yet to find a way to pen something that doesn’t turn into a long-winded angry rant. Can you tell? :p

      • ^^ Actually, that in itself IS the length of an article. Perhaps I should just copy, paste and post it as such? Let that bitter disappointment loose!

        *slinks off back to dark corner…*

        • Sian

          I suspect much of Portman’s removal from the films is down to her anger with Marvel at their sacking of Thor 2’s original director; her enthusiasm for her role went out of it then, hence the horrible way she was written in Thor 2. But I’ve read so much good fanfic where her character was terrific – I wouldn’t have minded if she was recast. They recast Rhodey in Iron Man and it worked. I’m genuinely bewildered about Sif, however. And who is ‘Tessa Thompson’, I’m sorry but I’ve never heard of her.

          Sadly the more I hear about this film the less I want to see it, I just wish they’d give Loki a solo movie. Norse myth is such a rich source it’s a shame Feige and co don’t seem interested in treating it with the respect it deserves. They act like a bunch of college frat boys at times – and I don’t like their treatment of their female leads much. Age of Ultron is a good example.
          Feel free to rant – it’s nice to have a place to do so!