Thor 2 Trailers, Featurettes, Movie Clips

The following are trailers, tv spots, featurettes etc released so far on Thor The Dark World (not including interviews at present, these will be coming.)

Warning: An increasing amount of new footage is being shown in these clips. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, you might want to avoid em.

Official Movie Clips

Thor confronting Loki in the cell:

Thor and Loki steal a Dark Elf spaceship:

TTDW Featurettes:

If you’re looking for the scene where Loki is screaming in his prison cell (seen in many a Tumblr gif or fanart but not shown in the movie) you’ll find it on this clip at the 11.55 minute mark.



TTDW TV Spots:

8 Nov:

7 Nov:

(^^ This is where the footage of Loki in the fur came from)


Thor The Dark World Trailers:

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