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New Loki Thor 2 Footage Revealed

A second’s worth of new Loki Thor 2 footage in an online Hulu ad (available only in America) showing the God of Mischief speaking to a Mystery Person from his prison cell, has sparked speculation as to who he might be speaking to – and why.

Loki Thor 2 trailer

After a couple of days of discussion as fans searched through production/promo shots to try and decide who the owner of the pauldrons could be (Malekith? Heimdall? ? A marauder? Dark elf? Jane? It was narrowed down to either….

Okay wait, the following content may be deemed as containing potential . Let’s put a cut in just to be on the safe side… 

So, as I was saying… It was narrowed down to either Frigga or Jane, as both woman have been seen in promo material sporting very similar shoulder armor. Note also, Mystery Person also appears to be wearing an earring much like the one worn by Frigga in the following shot…

Oh actually, you know what? I was going to add in the comparative images, but it turns out I don’t need to, because Rebeccasisios has done a fantastic job of compiling the evidence in this post here.

Why should we care about any of this anyway? Well if you wonder that, then you truly don’t understand much about anything at all, do you? … Pfft! Pfft!





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