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New Thor 2 featurette – too spoilerish? Or just a taste of twists to come?

The latest Thor 2 Featurette (#3) has just been released and with it comes yet more unseen footage. This new footage has quickly become both a welcome and a curse to the fandom, with the release of a scene that has caused Tumblr’s  tag to explode with fresh cries of ‘Ahh they’re giving away the plot!’ and ‘ahh how could Loki do that to Thor!’ amid answering cries of ‘Relax! All is not as it seeeeeeems!”

Personally, I go with the latter. With Loki free of his cage, I believe there is going to be a lot of potential double-crossing going on in this movie, with none of us knowing just which side Loki is working for until the very end.

loki the dark world

Here’s a non-spoilery screenshot to feast your eyes upon


I believe that ultimately, Loki is working for Loki. I believe that this movie will end with Loki still walking the tightrope between Good and Evil. He’ll help save Asgard, of that I’m sure. But whether or not he’ll care for what happens to the rest of the realms… Hmm.

But who knows? With the fanbase for Loki even larger than Marvel expected (prior to SDCC) resulting in new footage (rumoured) and cries for a Loki movie… Who knows how far Loki’s arc will stretch in this movie?

Despite all the apparent spoilers Marvel are giving away in their trailers and featurettes, you can bet the questions of Loki’s loyalty, ulterior motives and ultimate fate will be a secret they will keep tightly under wraps until the first flock of fans see it on the big screen for themselves.

If you’re not afraid of potential spoiler material, you can check out the new featurette here:

If you’ve watched it, let me know what you think! Too spoilerish? Or do you think Marvel are simply whetting our appetites with the promise of more twists and turns than a cornfield maze? Comments are welcome 🙂

But now with some site updates… New animated gifs and screenshots from this featurette have been added to the Multimedia section.  Bear in mind the newest uploads go to the last page in these albums, so the latest, most spoilery content will not be the first thing someone sees when they click the page.




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  • I definitely believe they are not giving away anything significant here. I’m sure they’re going for the usual “OMG WTF IS HAPPENING??” reaction from the viewers.

    • Agreed 🙂 Most of the footage is the same stuff repeating (or reversing!) and the few seconds here and there of new stuff is still just that – a few seconds. Without seeing it in context of whatever comes before and after, it’s difficult to really piece together what’s going on. Though in a way, as much as I love seeing this new footage I find myself wishing they’d stop… Some of these fan reactions are doing my head in.

  • Theowyn

    — What happened with Loki’s ‘death’?
    I think he thought he was dying. I didn’t notice the blue marble colour-shifty thing (must go back and re-watch that part), but it would make sense given my prime theory that it was Loki’s Jotun physiology that somehow saved his life. Also, it was fairly clear he wasn’t dead since he closed his eyes as if falling into a deep sleep or coma instead of dying with his eyes open as everyone always does in movies (reference coulson’s death in Avengers).— How did Loki seize the throne this time?
    “It really was quite fortunate for Loki that Odin sent out that guard
    to find out what became of his son/s, because it gave the trickster a
    perfect opportunity to [probably] murder the guard, take on his form,
    then return to Odin under the guise of Loki-posing-as-guard, to deliver
    the Allfather news of his own death.”
    I thought this too until I watched the movie with commentary on dvd. The guard Loki shifts into is the same one he becomes when doing his shape-shifting routine with Thor right after breaking out of prison, so I don’t think the real guy was actually on Svartalfheim (he might not even BE real), that’s just Loki’s favorite guard disguise. Also, I think Loki took his own flying boat back to Asgard the same way he and Thor arrived, so he wouldn’t have had to interact with any guards Odin might have sent.— What happened to Odin?
    I am absolutely certain Loki didn’t kill him. It’s too important a death to occur off-camera in the last moments of the film. Besides, Odin needs to die in Thor 3 to complete Thor’s coming of age saga.  I also don’t believe Odin spontaneously fell into Odinsleep. We had too much of that deus ex machina in T1 and it would be too much to repeat it here. 
    I think Loki simply overpowered Odin. As you point out, Odin was getting on in years and Loki’s powers have increased dramatically, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to think the son could defeat the father, especially with the element of surprise on his side. Loki probably has him stashed away in an induced sleep somewhere.

    • I think the way his skin changed colour as he lay dying, must have something to do with his survival. It was as if he’d started to go the same way all the Einherjar did when Kurse destroyed them (kind of imploding or something) but his body’s own unique biology fought it back. He was pushed to the brink of death but slipped into unconsciousness rather than right over that edge.

      I’m hoping it won’t turn into a scenario where he faked it due to a pact he made. While that would be a good bit of comic lip service, I do really hope his survival was genuinely unexpected to him.

      You’re right about his Einherjar guise during his Odin confrontation being the same one he wore when he escaped with Thor. He likely did overpower Odin. But I agree that hopefully, Odin isn’t actually dead. Not yet anyway. I think though, that may well come down to whether or not Marvel can convince Anthony Hopkins to reprise his role again. He said in at least one interview prior to (or around the time of) Thor 2’s release that he has no intention to come back as Odin a third time. Hmm… Marvel may have to employ the same trick they used in IM3 when RDJ couldn’t be present for some of his scenes, and they CGI’d him in instead…