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New Thor 2 Featurette

A new official featurette has been released, already notching up over 10,000 views on Youtube since it was posted a day ago.

While it doesn’t really offer up anything new on Thor: The Dark World, there is this Tom Hiddleston quote that offers a wee insight into the role he plays:

“Suddenly Thor and Loki are bound together on the same journey, with the same goal, but with completely different ways of going about it.” – Tom Hiddleston

And we see a clear shot of Heimdall leaping into the fray (or rather, leaping straight into the side of an invisible enemy spaceship which ripples into solidity as he hits – awesome!) and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Asgardian’s ass-kicking gatekeeper in action.

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  • virgo79

    I tend to agree. Whether Odin is dead or just hibernating (I suspect the former), I think the cause was probably news of Loki’s death. He was an old, tired, despairing man who was past ready to be done with the throne and who, as of that moment, had outlived half of his family.  And not to kick an old dog when he’s down, but it probably crossed his mind that had he handled things with Loki differently once upon a time, events might not have played out like this.

    As for Loki’s death, my hunch is that he was probably as surprised as Thor will no doubt eventually be to find himself not dead. It could have been smoke and mirrors, but somehow that doesn’t quite gel for me, considering the circumstances of, and his reaction to, Frigga’s death, and his behavior with Jane, which I find *very* interesting.

    Anyhoo, random response is random.