News, Thor: The Dark World

Also, new TTDW screenshots in the gallery!

In case it gets missed amid the buzz of new Loki footage, over 200 TTDW screenshots from the trailers have been processed and added to the  Gallery album. Including the latest TV Spot images.

If you’d like to use images for fanart or reference/world-building purposes etc you’re welcome to go ahead and download them. They’ve been resized to save on my website’s disc space, but if you need any at their full size just drop me a message through the Contact form with the file names of the ones you need, and I’ll email them through.

If you repost them to your own webpage, a credit link back to God of Mischief would be appreciated. These have taken me hours to work get through (especially as my computer overheated and shut down once in the process – goodbye unsaved work!)

And stay tuned, as I’ll be making an album of animated gifsets from all of these over the next week or so, which will available for anyone to reuse in their Tumblr posts (for reference etc).

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