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Sensational storylines abound, but still no news on the Thor 3 plot

There has been no official information released on the plot so far, but if you google it you’ll likely come away with concern that Thor is going to kill himself by the end of it – after ripping off Loki’s head.

thor 3 rumours


thor 3 plot rumors


I’m not going to bother linking to where those attention-seeking headlines came from – it’s a site dedicated to celebrity fashion and style, so I guess that says everything really. But what they’ve done is taken what is essentially pure speculation from another site, and rebranded it in the hope of drawing in hits – even though they’ve clearly never read the comics and have no real idea of what they’re talking about.

Yes, there was a point in the comics where Thor ripped off Loki’s head, and yes it was in a story relating to , and yes is what many fans speculate will be the theme of Thor 3… But come on. Just because that was all well and good in the comics, it doesn’t mean there’s a place for that somewhat amusing piece of comic book storytelling within the movies.

Loki loses his head

I mean, the decapitation didn’t even kill Loki. Nor did it keep him from yapping!

loki loses his head

Perhaps the writers of Thor 3 could add this for a bit of comic relief, but honestly, it would require a fair bit of suspended disbelief to even be halfway convincing for those who aren’t the slightest bit familiar with the comics – and even for those who are, given the character development of Thor, Loki and all those who surround them are not the same in the movie-verse as it is in the comics.

For one, MCU Loki does not have a giant wolf son called Fenris, and the writers of Thor 3 would have to be Master Sorcerers themselves to write this in and make it halfway fathomable.

Look, just don’t let me get started on how the Marvel Cinematic Universe exists within a separate continuity to that of the Marvel comics. I just edited out about six heavy paragraphs of waffle on the subject, including the various differences between movie Loki and comic Loki, including his family history. It became very tl;dr even for me.

Yes, the writers for Thor 3 have said themselves they may be interested in bringing in Surtur and the concept of Ragnarok, but don’t by any means expect the story they come up with to follow in line with the comics. There are far too many points of difference. Like everything they’ve done thus far, they’ll draw inspiration from the aspects of the comics that appeal and which might fit into MCU continuity, but ultimately, they’ll create their own story. And it will be a new retelling of an old tale.

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