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Marvel SDCC 2014 wraps up but no Thor 3 announcement

Well there was no Thor 3 announcement at the conclusion of Marvel 2014.

Despite expectations and a whole load of anticipation, Marvel Studios wrapped up their Hall H panel at the San Diego Comic Con today without so much as a release date for the final of the Thor trilogy..

Now folks, do you remember when they announced Cap 3’s release date even before The Winter Soldier had left the theatres? Well today they announced Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has been scheduled for 28 July 2017 – even ahead of the worldwide release of the first GotG film.

Does this mean the folks at Marvel Studios are unsure about whether there will even be a third Thor installment?

Unlikely. Don’t forget that Marvel officially announced the writers for Thor 3 on their website back in February so we can rest assured there’s a plan for it to be in the works at some point in the future… Right?


So why no news on Thor 3 at ?

Perhaps Marvel are just busy trying to work out filming schedules with their actors – Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth both have a lot of work going on, and Chris has also been looking forward to taking a break from his acting career to spend time with his young family.

Or if Marvel are still trying to sort out just how the storyline for Thor 3 is going to work into the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this may also explain their reluctance to throw us a bone. Do they go with Ragnarok as fans expect, or something else entirely?

With the recent announcement of comic Thor being replaced by a mystery female character as of October 2014, and growing speculation that this may have an impact upon Thor’s representation in the MCU, who knows what kind of intricate web of storytelling Marvel have planned for Thor 3? Let alone any firm idea as to when it will be released.

Or maybe they just want to keep us guessing because they enjoy torturing us far too much with this terrible terrible wall of silence as far as the future of Asgard and the reign of King Loki are concerned.

On a sidenote: Hey – do you know what would be cool? If they gave us a Loki movie ahead of Thor 3 – so we can see Loki ruling/ruining Asgard from the villain/anti-hero’s perspective! Then Thor could get whiff of what’s going on in Asgard near the end, and make a cameo appearance to set us up for Thor 3 thereafter! I mean, that’d give Chris Hemsworth a bit of a break from being the full-scale star of the show, while giving us a cool movie with lots of Loki and Asgard and maybe some Thanos name-dropping and… There’s at least two birds that could be taken out with that one stone! Okay don’t mind me. It was near to 4am by the time I went to bed last night. The overtired ramble is kicking back in. Now is not a good time, rambly brain!

Okay, well those are the theories that I’m putting forward to try and quell my own concern for Thor 3’s future. (Concern? What concern? Totally kidding!)

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or an Ask on Tumblr if you want to have a rousing discussion about truth, honour and god bless Loki’s scepter!

….Which reminds me. Loki’s Chitauri scepter did make an appearance at SDCC…

But that’s a discussion for the next update. Stay tuned. Shortly. Right now, I have to go be a domesticated wench and cook dinner (aka slap something vaguely edible on a plate and mutter ‘grubs up’.) Maybe later I’ll come back and edit out my ramble and try to blog like a grown up. Someone really should take the computer away from me when I’m over-tired…


PS: Props to karlaakamsloki for posting Agent M’s twitter announcement on Tumblr and unwittingly kick-starting my ramble.

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