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Setting: Post Thor 2 | Pairing: Loki/Sif | Genre: Angst | Rating: T
Summary: Memories can haunt, but so can those we think dead.
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Setting: Post Thor 2 | Pairing: Loki/Sif | Genre: Drama/Angst Rating: M | Summary: When cinders rain from the skies, he goes looking for her. He cannot help himself. Loki returns to Asgard in the wake of Ragnarok. Continue reading

Setting: Post-Thor 2 | Pairing: Loki/Sif | Genre: Drama/Angst | Rating: T
Summary: Loki managed to get the throne for himself, but now he has to figure out how to keep from being discovered and replace Odin as King because the ruse won’t work forever. Unfortunately, plans have a way of going awry. Continue reading

Setting: Post-Thor 2 | Pairing: Gen | Genre: Drama/Angst Rating: K+
Summary: Faced with an eternity without his brother, Loki strikes a bargain to change the past. Post TDW. Continue reading

Setting: Post Thor 2 | Pairing: Thor/Jane | Genre: Angst/Tragedy |
Rated: K+ | Summary: In which Thor hurts, Loki loves, and Jane learns how to lie. Continue reading

Setting: AU | Pairing: Loki/Jane | Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure | Rated: T
Summary: Some things don’t go as planned. Some twists of fate lead you to places you never imagined. Some broken things are beautiful. Takes places after imagined events in Thor 2. Continue reading

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