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Setting: Pre-Thor | Pairing: None/Gen | Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort | Rating: T
Summary: Thor and Loki go venturing to a remote cave system in search of an ancient artifact. But when danger finds them there, and both brother’s find themselves badly injured, it will take all they have to survive. Pre-Thor Continue reading

Setting: Pre-Thor | Pairing: Gen | Genre: Family | Rating: G
Summary: Frigga bowed her head, incredulous at what he was asking of her. She reached out and took the babe into her arms …” Continue reading

Setting:Pre-Thor | Pairing:Loki/Sif | Genre:Drama/Angst
Rating: M | Summary: 
Loki cannot decide whether he wants to earn Sif’s smile, or her beautiful wrath. Continue reading

Setting: Pre-Thor | Pairing: Loki/Sif, Sif/Thor | Genre: Drama
Rating: K+ | Summary: Loki’s ferocity had been known to Frigga for a long time; as a babe he’d thrown the most spectacular tantrums. But she’d raised him to be a good man of strong loyalties, hadn’t she? Continue reading

Setting: Pre-Thor | Pairing: Loki/Sif | Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: K+ | Summary: When Sif was but a girl, she met two princes, one like the sun, the other like the moon. Continue reading

Setting: Pre-Thor | Pairing: None | Pairing: Angst/Family/Drama
Rating: T | Summary: Sometimes I am envious, but never doubt that I love you. Continue reading

Setting: Pre-Thor | Genre: Adventure/Family | Pairing: None/Gen
Summary: “The time in Nornheim”, when Thor did battle and Loki did tricks: an exercise in tactics and brotherhood that Thor and Loki would each come to remember very differently. Also: Frigga being awesome. Continue reading

Genre: Family/Drama | Pairing: None | Setting: Pre-Thor
Summary: Every culture has created a Trickster figure; what if, at least sometimes, they were all the same person, especially if that person rather liked the attention? Continue reading

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