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Setting: Thor 2 AU | Genre: Drama/Adventure/Humour | Pairing: Thor/Jane, Loki/Jane (it could go either way)
Summary: While Odin looks to test Jane’s mettle, Asgard comes under threat, forcing Jane to work alongside Loki to stop it. But Loki’s schemes – as treacherous as they are clever – tend to benefit no one but himself. Can the enemy of the enemy be a friend? Or will the Trickster betray them all? Continue reading

Setting: Thor The Dark World | Pairing: None | Genre: Family/Missing Scene
Summary: Loki is not the only one to scheme. Continue reading

Setting: Thor 2 | Genre: Angst/Drama | Pairing: Sif/Loki
Summary: “When you betray him, as you are planning even now to do, know that it will not be he who spills your blood, but I.” Said War to Mischief. In reply, Mischief only smiled. Continue reading

Setting: Thor 2 | Genre: Angst/Family/Tragedy| Pairing: None
Summary: There is a tapestry that hung on Frigga’s wall for as long as Thor can remember. He won’t admit it, but the sight of it makes him want to cry. Continue reading

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