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Setting: Thor AU | Pairing: Loki/Jane | Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: T | Summary: After Asgard is attacked by Frost Giants, Loki travels to Midgard to find it has fallen under the control of both Jotun and Skrull, and finds himself joining forces with Jane Foster, a SHIELD astrophysicist, to defeat the enemy. Continue reading

Setting: Post-Thor| Pairing: None | Genre: Drama/Ficlet
Rating: K+ | Summary: Between the Bifrost and the home of the Chitauri, the stars kept him company. Short prompt ficlet for the stinger of Avengers. Continue reading

Rated: K+ | Genre: Family/Drama | Pairing: None
Summary: One Shot. Loki lies, but now, Thor is starting to see the truth. Companion to Far to Nowhere. Continue reading

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