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With other popular fanfiction archives already out there, the purpose of this site is not to list all Loki fanfiction but rather to build a list of the fandom’s most recommended reads. The stories listed here are picked because of:

  • Excellent characterisation.
  • Compelling plot.
  • Good grammar, spelling and story structure.

Stories that are unlikely to be accepted:

  • Mary Sues/self-insertion fics.
  • Highschool AUs
  • Fics with graphic sexual content. (Sorry folks. I know of tweens who visit this site. Just go throw a dart at A03.)

Note on ratings: 

Being that I don’t have time to read right through multi-chapter fics or stories that are still being updated, I cannot guarantee the rating/content warnings for every story listed here.

Please note: An author who has had one story or article listed here will not necessarily have all their work listed. All fanworks are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Submit a fic rec

Please use Tumblr’s Submit form to send through a fic rec or for any general inquiries. You don’t need a Tumblr account for this.  Or you can email: admin (at)

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