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Submissions open for Loki meta articles

I swear, honest to gods, I’m in the process of adding some new fanfic recs. I’ve just been a tad sidetracked lately by real life issues and the fact I mistakenly deleted my Tumblr blog and have been trying to track down my old original posts from the bowels of Google cache…

Anyway, the point of this update is to say submissions are open for Loki meta / fan articles here at God of Mischief.

Submissions are now open for:

  • Character studies – no pressure to write a 5000 word essay covering every complex detail of Loki’s personality. Analysis on a particular aspect of him is great. Studies of other characters (in connection to Loki) are also welcome.
  • Analysis of family dynamics.
  • Movie/scene analysis. (Including deleted scenes)
  • Comparative articles – based on supplementary material such as Marvel comics, movie tie-in comics, Norse mythology.
  • General editorial-style opinion pieces. (Amusing, thought-provoking, speculative, headcanon-based etc)

For more information, please check out the Submission Guidelines page.

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