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Will Loki ever find redemption? More importantly… Should he?

Few villains have ever been as complex and easy to love as Tom Hiddleston’s adaption of Loki. For all that he lied and betrayed his way across the universe, tried to murder his own brother (on multiple occasions), attempted to seize control of our planet at the expense of anyone who stood in his path, and displayed not a shred of remorse for any of it, it’s still difficult to not want to see Loki at least try to redeem himself. Continue reading

Loki’s Deleted Scenes: Volume I

With every Marvel movie released, running time constraints mean that some scenes must drop to the cutting room floor. Unfortunately it always seems to be the character-building scenes that take the fall. And Loki’s deleted scenes contain some great character building fodder indeed… Continue reading

A Thor 2 Wishlist #1

Many of us eagerly anticipating the release of Thor: The Dark World, have a wishlist in mind of what we’d like to see take place – what issues we’d like to see resolved. For the sake of scraping together article fodder, I’m going to share mine… Continue reading