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New Thor Ragnarok costumes for Loki, Thor and Odin

Turns out the Brisbane filming for Thor Ragnarok has thrown not just a few bones for the fans to chew on, but an entire carcass. (Perhaps the carcass of whoever was in charge of Security?) Check out the new Thor Ragnarok costumes for Loki, Thor and Odin, and a wee bit more speculation on that mystery actress who surfaced a few days earlier… Continue reading

Thor Ragnarok’s “New York” Spoilers

While parts of Melbourne have been closed off this last week in order to film some “New York” scenes for Thor: Ragnarok, Aussie fans and media alike have grabbed the opportunity to get a few good shots of the Thor 3 stars in action. And while many of these appear to be butt shots, there’s also a few plot gems to be found amid the Hiddleston selfies and whatnot. Continue reading

Thor 3 is a long way off – Chris Hemsworth

Thor 3 is a long way off, according to Chris Hemsworth. Just to add a nail in the coffin of all my hopes and expectations for another Loki Thor movie before I die of old age… Continue reading

Chris Hemsworth Fan Project

A new fan project has been started by asgardianstorm, in appreciation of Thor’s star, Chris Hemsworth. To show appreciation of … Continue reading