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New Article: How does Odin!Loki shield his true form from Heimdall?

I’m finding it difficult to think of Thor 3 lately without feeling all cynical and full of dread. Instead I’m going to completely ignore any urge to rant about Marvel’s decision to make Thor 3 into a slapdash comedy, and muse about Heimdall’s omni-vision and Odin!Loki’s ability (or lack of) to shield himself from it, instead. Continue reading

Loki as King? So how does he shield his true form from Heimdall?

While one might expect me to have something to say about the latest Thor 3 rumours regarding Thor 3 director Taiki Waititi’s tongue in cheek (or so we hope) quip about making Thor Ragnarok funnier by taking the last movie and adding more jokes to it… I’m actually going to keep my mouth shut on all of these things. For now.

Because there’s enough negativity in the world, damnit. Continue reading

Is Loki in Age of Ultron? Does Thor return to Asgard? [AOU SPOILERS!!]

Is Loki in Age of Ultron? Does Thor return to Asgard? Do Thor and Jane break up in Avengers 2? Does Thor die? What further purpose does Loki’s scepter have? These questions are answered. [Warning: Thor-specific spoilers within] Continue reading

Loki in Avengers Age of Ultron? YES.

Loki in Avengers: Age of Ultron? It’s a secret Marvel have kept tightly under wraps. Until Idris Elba (aka Heimdall) spilled the beans! Could it be the end-credit scene leading into Thor: Ragnarok? Or will it be the reason we see Thor screaming in the AOU trailer?

Continue reading