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Loki movie: Petition to renew the petition.

Little has been said on the topic of a Loki movie for a long time now, but the demand is still out there. Just ask Tom Hiddleston – he has the plot all sorted out. Continue reading

Why Marvel Needs to Make a Thanos Movie

If there’s one thing Loki has taught us about villains, it’s that we have a far richer investment in the Marvel-verse if we can understand the complexity and motives of all it’s characters. Villains and heroes alike. And yes this idea involves Loki – now read! Continue reading

Thor 2 $45 mil at Box Office – now for Thor 3?

So it’s still early days yet, but given the box office success of Thor: The Dark World ($45 million so far … Continue reading

Loki Movie? Tom Hiddleston suggests winding back to the ’70’s

The want for a Loki movie has been around for some time, but recently gained a lot of organised fan … Continue reading